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In 1984 the internet was still in its birth pains with USENET only emerging in 1979. The internet as it has evolved today became a reality, thanks to Mr Tim Berners-Lee, in 1991. Never the less business needed to address the increasing need to gain a competitive edge and strategic advantage over the competition.

This applied in no small means to corporate communication with clients, suppliers and internally within the corporation. Suddenly the average CEO had to become a technical wonder to control all the presentation equipment without having egg on his face.

Clearly a need existed to automate, simplify and enhance the process of Audio Visual communication. Out of this Audio Visual Designs was born, manufacturing custom electronic solutions for the corporate Audio Visual market.

As with the internet, technology and access to information has grown exponentially. Moore’s law states technology will double every two years. It has invaded every aspect of our life from home to business from hotel to hospital.

This is the field in which we have entrenched ourselves. From those simplistic beginnings Audio Visual Designs has grown to encompass video conferencing, home automation, energy management, security and home theatre. We integrate all these separate sub-systems to provide ultimate convenience and ease of use to those who need to enhance their lives, improve their competitive edge and make the most of that most valuable commodity of all – Our Time!

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