Why Automate Your Home?

In the time-pressed and volatile modern world we live in, one’s home is one’s castle – a sanctuary for precious personal and family time – and especially family time. A “smart home” is therefore a smart choice, since it can enhance the quality of an individual’s or a family’s life in quite a number of ways. Consider below some of the great advantages of investing in home automation:

Safety & Security

From the convenience of a smart phone it is possible to:

  • activate alarm systems;
  • do real-time monitoring of activities at home through
  • pre-installed surveillance cameras; 
  • switch on specific lights to deter burglars; or 
  • remotely switch off devices and appliances that might have accidently been left on.

Finally, it is also possible to get alerts every time someone enters the home.

Energy Efficiency

  • The ability to remotely control various devices (e.g. ovens and other kitchen appliances) as well as having pre-defined personalised settings (e.g. a geyser schedule) can improve the energy efficiency of a home.
  • This is payback on your smart-home investment or at the very least your direct contribution to a greener planet.

Investment Value

  • Simply put, home automation systems do not only deliver “smart homes”, but also smart investments.
  • Financially, it improves the marketability of your home. But for time-pressed people the most important investment value is in the quality of life and peace of mind – benefits that are truly priceless.

Convenience & Peace of Mind

  • Technology can perform routine and boring tasks like switching on lights or the irrigation system at certain times of the day, thus freeing up your time for other priorities and demands. Even better still, smart-home technology can also be utilized to create the right ambience and temperature in your home, so you can relax and spend time with loved ones enjoying your home theatre system or listening to your favorite music.
  • To enhance oversight, Moms and dads could opt for a feature to check in on their kids arriving safely from school and even to watch them play. Or they could opt to check in on aging parents who might not always respond to phone calls, thus creating some valuable peace of mind.

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