Audio Visual System Design

  • This is the cornerstone of our business.

  • We have some cool tools, AutoCAD, CATT, EASE and a host of applications which we have specially developed to meet our needs.
  • But what does this mean to you? Nothing – Unless we find that spark which is the union between Hi-Tech and Human Touch.
  • We achieve this by listening to and interpreting your hopes and aspirations. Thus equipped we are more able to translate this into a technical reality that suits you.
  • Our experience gained since 1984, knowledge of the industry and active and aggressive education program, is key to understanding and keeping abreast with the latest technical changes.
  • The measure of how well we achieve these objectives is NOT  “I am satisfied” but rather “I am touched”.
  • Satisfaction implies compliance to technical specification.
  • Being touched is a deeper, more personal goal and means complying with and exceeding your hopes, feelings and dreams.

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